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Total Tooling Management Solutions

As a strategic aerospace tooling partner Technicut has extended our concept of optimised supply beyond our products to encompass all elements of our customers' tool administration and logistics functions through TTMS philosophy.

Through TTMS we can deliver a highly efficient tool management system which provides complete control over tool consumption whilst significantly reducing both the direct and indirect costs associated with the operational administration of the extended consumable tooling supply chain.

With the sustained pressure for enhanced supply chain competitiveness the focus for cost reduction is often limited to the direct procurement price of tooling. Full cost optimisation however, requires the reduction of all indirect tooling costs which include not only the procurement, logistics and storage costs, but also the elimination of costs created by the unavailability of tools at the point of consumption and the associated production downtime.

Technicut's TTMS concept effectively delivers full cost optimisation of tooling management and generates a large number of cash savings, including:

  • The free-up of management time
  • The elimination of tool unavailability
  • The reduction of direct organisational processing costs
  • The reduction of tooling consumption
  • The reduction of tooling waste through obsolescence

For more information on our TTMS capabilities, please download our TTMS Brochure.

Alternatively, please contact a member of our solutions team to discuss your specific TTMS requirements.