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Technicut's innovative titanium machining solutions have a broad range of applications including:

  • Pylon Brackets
  • Engine Mounts
  • Landing Gear Structures


Unrivalled Titanium Roughing
Our market leading titanium roughing solutions enable advanced application performance with proven capabilities up to 4x quicker than conventional roughing techniques.

Technicut's optimised combinations of material substrate, tool geometry, micro edge preparation and coating provide unsurpassed titanium roughing performance characteristics with up to 2x diameter full-slotting capabilities.

Award Winning Titanium Finishing
Our unique titanium finishing solutions enable maximised application performance with proven capabilities far beyond those of conventional finishing technologies.

Technicut's tool geometries are optimised to suppress harmonics and facilitate elevated machining parameters. Our patented high flute density solutions enable unrivalled high feed finishing with increased tool life, ensuring that performance is maximised and overall cost acquisition reduced.

High Performance Titanium Drilling
Our SABRE-Ti advanced drilling solutions combine market leading substrate, geometry and coating technology to provide excellent hole quality with superior tool life.