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High surface generation for finishing Titanium & HTSA's. The Technicut award winning solid carbide MEGA-FLUTE ® range incorporates a large number of flutes for stability and high feed finishing capabilities in applications where surface finish and tolerance are critical factors.

The large flute density design allows smoother cutting performance and increased tool life, positively impacting productivity and quality levels.

Features & Benefits

  • High flute density increases feed rates and improves stability.
  • Optimised cutting geometry providing superior surface finishes.
  • Premium substrate material for improved performance and life.
  • Optimised geometry for all finishing operations.
  • RE-LIFE™ Services


  • MEGA-FLUTE® Endmill
  • MEGA-FLUTE® Ballnose
  • MEGA-FLUTE® Taper Ballnose
  • MEGA-FLUTE® Sturtz
  • MEGA-FLUTE® Highfeed