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Machining Optimisation

Technicut is proud to be the UK agent and training partner for MAL Manufacturing Automation Laboratories software.

MAL Manufacturing Automation Laboratories Inc. develops and markets the most advanced machining process simulation and process optimization software in the world.

The software benefits our customers production process through:

- Measurements of machine tool dynamic stiffness
- Optimization of feeds/speeds/depths of cut for a given machine/cutter/work material
- Chatter vibration prediction and avoidance
- Spindle design, analysis and virtual testing

Technicut's cutting tools are complimented by the software to ensure we give our customers not only the optimised tool but the entire optimised manufacturing process.



Achieve the highest possible material removal rates, long tool & spindle life, and to manufacture parts correctly at the very first trial with reduced production costs. NPRO is the most advanced physics based process simulator and NC program optimisation NX" Software Plugin available. A cost effective and practical chatter avoidance tool kit used to achieve high speed & high performance machining within minutes. The most advanced process simulation and NC progream optimisation. Visualise & simulate real-world performance of machining.