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Composite structures demand innovative tooling solutions. Technicut's composite tooling delivers optimised production performance and minimised acquisition cost.

The combination of stacked composite structures, commonly layered with aluminium and titanium alloys, generate additional manufacturing challenges and increase the need for optimised tooling designs.

Technicut's range of composite tooling is engineered to overcome the inherent challenges of these demanding material combinations.

Hole Production
Our optimised one-short drill geometries produce high quality holes by actively reducing delamination and splintering, whilst effectively controlling chip evacuation.

Technicut supplies complete process tooling solutions for all composite applications including, drills, reamers, countersinks and UHRs in both carbide, diamond coated and PCD variants.

Edging, Trimming & Surface Generation
Our composite machining solutions, with both diamond coated carbide and PCD cutters, reduce fibre splintering and generate improved MRR's, with the ability to reduce or eliminate secondary operations through significantly improved surface finish.