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Manufactured from both titanium and nickel, these highly complex and critical components are becoming more common due to the advantages of weight, efficiency and through-life servicing.

Technicut has developed market leading tooling solutions and innovative application strategies for the roughing, semi-finish and finish machining of all integrally bladed rotors.

Bliskful ThinkingTM

Technicut and Delcam have partnered to revolutionise blisk machining efficiency, delivering remarkable savings in time and cost.

Tooling and strategies for the most complex blade and blisk geometries, optimised for your chosen machining platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented cutting tool technology
  • Optimised machining strategies for highly complex shapes and closer blade spacing
  • Significantly reduced cycle times through near-net-shape roughing
  • World-leading Delcam PowerMILL CAM software for optimal 5-axis machining efficiency
  • Excellent component finish and surface quality
  • Stable and repeatable process with unmatched component consistency
  • Low heat input for minimised distortion and improved dimensional conformance
  • Non machine tool specific with low spindle loads


Productivity Solutions

Our focus is to continually enhance your competiveness through the supply of optimised tooling and application methodologies.

Our productivity solutions include:

  • Recommendation of best cutting technologies
  • Generation of innovative application methodologies
  • Provision of 5 axis part programming & machining
  • Provision of 1st part prove off
  • 5 blade demonstration segments
  • Cycle time and milling cost generation



Titanium roughing endmill optimised for blade slot milling and workpeice security.


Titanium roughing endmill optimised for 'near-net-shape' blade slot milling. X-tra long reach tooling available for challenging deep blade geometries..

  • Ball Nose Ripper

Parallel or tapered titanium specific ball nose ripper endmill for blade profiling and hub/annulus slot roughing.

  • Barrel Ripper

Near-net-shape titanium blade semi-rough profiling, minimising finishing time with greater effective cutting.

  • Barrel Finisher

Technicut's Barrel Finisher allows greater effective cutting in both Nickel and Titanium, reducing extensive semi-finish & finishing operations.


Solutions for both Nickle and Titanium, Technicut's highly accurate taper ball nose range cater for blade and annulus/platform roughing, semi-finish and finishing.


Optimised ball nose tooling technology for rough slot milling nickel & titanium as well as solutions for roughing, semi-finish and finish blade scanning/profiling and hub work.